Department of Seed Production


The Department of Crop Production has its seat on the company's premises in Kiszombor Dénesmajor and has manifold tasks. It ensures the technical background to manage the trials and nurseries; multiplies the cultivars’ seeds and is engaged in agricultural production. It cultivates 1350 ha arable land (940 ha in Kiszombor, 110 ha in Makó and 300 ha in Szentes). 750 ha land has been meliorated. A linear irrigation system of economical water and energy use had been inaugurated with the capacity to irrigate 314 ha land short before the irrigation season started in 2013. This and the earliner similar investments enable the linear irrigation of totally 600 ha land in Kiszombor, and the rest can be irrigated by hose reel travellers.

A range of major crops, namely winter and spring cereals, winter rapeseed, maize, sunflower soybean and mustard, are grown within the farming practice of the department.

The activities can be detailed as follows:

  • multiplying the seeds of the field crops improved by the Company, their sales to the seed producing large farms and retailers.
  • providing the mechanical background for the agricultural production
  • organic production on 3 x 10 ha (since 2000 continuously)
  • preparing the plots of land for the trials and cultivation on demand
  • conducting the production technological and plant protection trials of wheat, winter rapeseed and maize
  • operating and repairing the machines and enhancing the technical development