Seed Plant

The seed plant in Kiszombor serves as the basis of seed and hybrid seed conditioning and distribution. Seed conditioning has been certified by the ISO 9001:2001 standard. The seed plant has the capacity of conditioning 5000 tons seed annually. Not only the seed of corn, sunflower and wheat is conditioned and certified at the seed plant, but also that of sorghum, barley, triticale, rye, winter rapeseed and soybean. Seed conditioning and certification is carried out at the seed plant for other companies on contract. ISO certified seed conditioning is done at our research station in Táplánszentkereszt as well, where additionally the seed of red clover, millet, and Hungarian millet is conditioned.

The quality parameters of F1 hybrid seed, basic seed, and first and second grade certified seed produced at both of our seed plants are excellent.

Seed Distribution

The basic and first grade seeds of the bread wheat, durum wheat, triticale and rye varieties bred in Szeged are distributed by the Department of Small Grain Cereals.

The second grade seeds are sold by the Crop Production Department in Kiszombor Dénesmajor and at the seed plant in Kiszombor. The seeds of maize, forage sorghum, sunflower, winter rapeseed, soybean, linseed, barley, rye, millet, Hungarian millet, buckwheat, red clover and the wheat varieties improved in Táplánszentkereszt are sold by the Marketing and Sales Department through the channel of the regional sales representatives.